Entry #10

Why are you here, guys?

2016-08-14 17:35:31 by ArcadeHero

Hi, guys! Today during a subway tour I’ve thought on one topic and I’m really curious about your, guys, opinion.
I’m going to be honest with you and I hope I can get a sincere answer.
Why are you here?
The thing is that I have a handful of complexes and problems. Sometimes I’m afraid to speak or to do lots of things – hence the apathy and the absence of activity.
Not today, though, lol. Today I realized that the only way to handle my problems is to speak up.
Problems. When I first tried to draw pixels, I was drawing terribly and ugly, because of my flawed technique and because of other stuff (I hope, it’s way better now).
For a long time I was watching other artist and I felt painful butthurt, because I can’t or I can’t yet draw on their level (it’s a bit easier now, I stopped that and  I try to develop my style independently). In the very beginning of the path I was seeking the audience approval, trying to please everyone. But now I understand that it was stupid and pointless, ‘cause I didn’t receive any satisfaction from the process, only depression and negative. Sometimes I want to experiment, do something different, say, minimalism, or ,conversely, something over-difficult, that requires a lot of time, but I’m always afraid that people wouldn’t embrace it. All in all, I’ve spoken up, and now it would be interesting to hear why are you here.
Will be happy to listen what you think.
Yeah, sorry for the lack of activity - I'm still working on a freelance projects and I don't have any time for my personal stuff. Also, I post more on my twitter.


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2016-08-14 18:10:22

Don`t be sorry like me. BE MR ACTIVE.


2016-08-14 18:12:49

I`m here to post shitty games.

I mean what do you expect :3 I definitely dont make top tier games. Neither do i upload my games to get rich (because if i did i should seriously put way more effort into it)

Newgrounds is the best website for small devs to get attention. I mean anyways i just upload games here, on Kongregate, and Gamejolt. Although forget gamejolt. Barely gets you any views.

And yes, of course i want views and comments when i upload a game, but my life doesnt depend on it. I think Newgrounds should be way bigger. I rarely post on the forums here though. Most of the time i dont know what to say anyways.

So yeah, im here to post shitty games.


2016-08-14 23:21:50

its a good site.... and its the only website that i still go too since 03.... wish i had made an account back then... oh well.


2016-08-15 04:38:09

I don't know about you but... it's certainly better than a lot of pixel art I've seen.

I'm here to make music, and I'm not about to let someone who is better than me knowingly (or unknowingly) intimidate me. My journey is mine and I will walk it, and become the best I can be.


2016-08-15 07:13:55

If just for the quality of your art, you are a real artist, let me tell you that.
And I'm not saying that as a compliment, rather as an analysis of the art you posted here.

I'm here because I like games and art, and with the hope that someday I will gather the strength to go down the path of making games the same way that you did making pixel art.


2016-08-16 04:52:00

Your Pixel art Is AMAZING!!!


2016-08-16 05:20:26

I'm here to make art and friends.
It's a pretty fun thing to do.


2016-08-17 15:27:23

I'm mostly here to possibly make friends and get decent exposure on my works. It's kinda working.


2016-12-31 12:48:58

I'm here to post pixel "art".
Learning slowly but...yeah.
Like your work though!
Reminds me of old
school video games.