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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! <3

Posted by ArcadeHero - December 31st, 2015

Hello Newgrounds!
Here is a result of 2015.
So... I think it`s better to talk about art stuff here :D
2015 is finally over. This year was very special for me.
I did a lot of stuff this year. But main achievement is that I met with pixel-art.
Most of my followers are here cuz of #30daysofpixels. Main idea was to draw pixel stuff with your themes in 30 days. The hardest part of this project was that I absolutely didn't know how to do it right and pixels were always something impossible for me. Honestly I failed my challenge and instead of a month I drew since march till october. However in the process I got so excited and fell in love with pixels, so much that I started to make pixel dailies stuff, personal projects and freelance. For my wonder, my skills leveled up so very much. Besides of skill and new direction in my art, I gained a lot of cool friends. Most of them not only became my "brothers in pixels", but also my very good friends.
I would like to say thanks to my friends, who helped and supported me this year. Also big thank to all artists, who helped me, gave me tips, inspired me and kick my ass for my mistakes haha :D Also thank to you my followers! I appreciate your support a lot. It helps me to be a better with every day :P
I made a collage with all pics for #30daysofpixels. Hope you'll like it!
Here is a link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/31195777/Arcade-Hero-2015
Happy holidays guys! Stay tuned :P See ya next year.

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This has me thinking it would be cool to be able to view tag results as one long scroll of full-size art, vs thumbnail grid...


Yep. You're right Tom! Thanks.

Happy new year to you too!

Thanks :P

&quot;But main achievement is that I met with pixel-art.&quot; I'm sure for pixel-art was meeting you in 2015 an exciting happening as well ^^

To be more serious: I liked your 30daysofpixels as many others did, and I'm more then glad to were brave enough to face this challenge! I'm wondering: What are you up to in 2016? Anything you want to tell us? Or a little hint at least?!
Even if not, I stayed tuned and keep my eyes on your projects o.o

Thanks a lot man!
I'm really happy that you are still with me c:
I dunno if be honest. I would like to improve my pixel-skills, make a couple of games and... start doing more freelance stuff :P