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Another year passed.

Posted by ArcadeHero - July 6th, 2014

Sup guys! Yep, today is my 21th birthday!

I'm not really happy cuz time gone fast and when you'll getting older - you have more problems and serious goals.
But In fact I'm really happy and proud cuz I found myself here. This portal changed my life.
I did a huge work for these years. And I'm happy(again) cuz I can share my stuff with you guys. I have a lot of goals for this year, bros.

Ok, intro passed. It's time to tell about my upcoming projects and goals.

I worked a lot on pixel art this year. After the success of "Keep an Eye" -
I started work on another project called "Endless Glitch".
Endless Glitch is a runner game in sci-fi/cyberpunk style with pixel graphics.
Game will able to play at Autumn 2014
You can check a piece of testing lasers here: 


(It's old version, but it shows my pixels skill lol)

Next project - RocketUp!
This is an "avoiding game" for android os. It's not my project, but I worked here as artist/animator. You can check it here(free): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.akworld.rocketup

Next project - "Listeria wars".
This is my friend's tower-defence project about bacterias.
I did a couple of illustrations for the credits and endings.
Btw I uploaded one of them in my profile. You can check it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/arcadehero/hamburger
Game will able to play at Summer-Autumn 2014

And finally my favourite project - "Zuzu the Elf & The Box of Banishment"
This is my good friend's project. It's game by Danny Lesco and DimLight(I worked with this guy on "Keep An Eye")
I helped guys with some advices and acrobatic movements. Also I did a bonus "pixel" level (like warp-zone in SMB).  I hope that you enjoy their game ;)
You can check awesome trailer here:


Game will able to play at Summer-Autumn 2014



My main goal: complete these projects and share them with you guys!
Thanks a lot for attention. Have a good day, bros!

Comments (6)

Happy birthday!

Thanks bro!

Happy Birthday, man.

Awesome stuff you've got there.

Thanks a lot dude! :)
I hope that you'll enjoy final results.

Great work, keep it up dude. And happy birthday!

Wow. I'm a huge fan of your games. And your acceptance means a lot for me ;)
Thank you man!

Wow, happy 21st! I saw the Zuzu trailer a few days ago, it looks like a fun game.

Thanks man!
I think that it would a perfect game :)
Danny and Dim Light don't make a shit :D

Can't wait for Endless glitch man! and thanks for promoting zuzu <3. Keep the great work coming my man.


Too late, but still: I hope you had a great birthday! Thank you for sahring all these thoughts and projects with us, so much cool stuff!!!!

Oh, and don't worry - when you grew even older you will have less goals and more serious problems ^^ Nah, just kiddin' ya young man. Enjoy life, I'm sure you'll make your way.

Oh man. Sorry for long-long response.
You're absolutely right :)
Thanks a lot :)