NG Store, New game and etc.

2014-03-28 17:02:12 by ArcadeHero

Hey guys!

Finally! I got NG stuff from store.


I'm really happy. Great T-Shirt with my fav game.(I was also pleased with the presence of Newgrounds logo on the back side.
Great quality of poster's paper.
Very big stickers.(I thought they would have less size)
And I fell in love with the comics. "1976" have a great plot and fantastic dark-noir style art. It's a pity that the author did not finish the story :(
But... Come on. It's not a problem. Thanks for great work @deadspread83!
Thanks all who created this stuff.

It's time to talk about my upcoming projects.

I've been resting so fucking long.
I think it is time to fix it.
Lately I've been working on my own site. ( This is my old dream ) .
"Keep an eye" scored 500.000 gameplays over the internet. I am grateful to all those who spoke well of our first game as well as to who criticize and who make suggestions.
Now we are developing a new game . This project will be very different from the "Keep An Eye". I'll make graphics in Pixel Art style.
I hope that I can please you with a screenshot soon.

I don't know release date - all may be delayed. But I can say that there will be a beta-test and if you're interested - you can participate if you want. From myself I will say that: it would be pure indie game in an unusual setting :)


My good friend MisterHerbal
in troubles right now :( It's very sad for me.
If you enjoyed his stuff please support him. It means a lot for me too, cuz he is a very talanted person.
And I think he deserves the money cuz he making awesome stuff.


Thank you for your attention! I wish you all good and stay positive :)



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2014-03-31 07:03:12

Cool shirt, bro.

I'm eager to hear more about your new game, I like Pixel Art games, always remind me of the old days of gaming ;) If you run a beta test here on NG or post some screenshots I promise to give you an honest review about the project.

ArcadeHero responds:

Thanks bro!
I appreciate that. I'll let you know about game little bit later ;)


2014-04-07 10:20:32

Sweet bro. thanks for the shout-out man. :) Lovin the NG merch! and looking forward for the pixel game! Hours of addictive gaming sounds good to me. >:D

ArcadeHero responds: