2014-03-11 13:27:04 by ArcadeHero

Yeeeeah! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!


Thanks for Frontpaged! :) We hope you like our game :) If you haven't played - please check it. Your opinion is very important for us! -Your "Keep An Eye" dev team <3


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2014-03-12 15:55:33

Goood job.

ArcadeHero responds:

Thanks! :)


2014-03-12 23:29:47

Brilliant game, you should be proud lol, now get it portable and profit :)

ArcadeHero responds:

Thanks man :) We're happy with result.
I think this game isn't ready to portable version right now.
One day we will make a sequel. Really big and serious game :)
But not now.


2014-03-13 11:21:55

Good job guys, hands down. Congratz to your second daily award and your first frontpaged game.
I hope and think this success is the right motivation for you to keep on programming

ArcadeHero responds:

Thank you my friend! I really appreciate your support and I'm glad you liked our game.
I'm not a coder x) I have motivation to work better on animation and art. This is the main goal for me :)


2014-03-13 18:03:02

Isn't the real money in games you can play on your phone?

ArcadeHero responds:

Yep. But money isn't a main goal.
I think it's good when you get paid for your work.
But as a gamer I think that quality of the game and gamer's convenience is much better.
This version isn't good for mobile platforms cuz it's hard game and have some problems with amount of levels.(18 levels - very small and isn't a replay-able game).
Maybe we'll make a sequel. But it will be a different game.


2014-03-18 16:31:29

Congrats bro, lovin the artwork and the game! :)

ArcadeHero responds:

Thanks buddy :)
Hope you enjoy next game ;)
I hope I will surprise you! :)


2014-03-23 15:55:08

Congrats!, the game was pretty fun and interesting mechanic-wise. I think the idea has a lot of potential.
Definitively worthy of frontpage! :)

ArcadeHero responds:

Very nice to read this from you :)
I'm a big fan of your character design and animation.
Thanks man!