Entry #1

Yeah! \m/

2014-03-06 17:05:16 by ArcadeHero

Hello Newgrounds! 

Finally, I went back to making more stuff. Lol.  This year, I try to make a bunch of things.  I know I'm already talking about this earlier in my "return after a silence" posts. But now I'm ready to work hard.  I'll try not to fuck up my fans and friends here.  I am happy to report that my friend "Dimlight" and me - created our first game. 

It will avaible here on Tuesday. 

It will be something like physics-based arcade game. Of course I'm not 100% satisfied with it, but I hope that you will enjoy our game.   That old trailer:


So I finally bought supporter badge and a couple of things from the store (I can't wait for them to arrive :3)  Announcements and news will be frequent :)

Love you all.

-Arcade Hero


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2014-03-07 04:59:18

Awesome, looking forward to the new game!

(Updated ) ArcadeHero responds:

Thanks man :)
Hope you enjoy it!