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Posted by ArcadeHero - December 31st, 2015

Hello Newgrounds!
Here is a result of 2015.
So... I think it`s better to talk about art stuff here :D
2015 is finally over. This year was very special for me.
I did a lot of stuff this year. But main achievement is that I met with pixel-art.
Most of my followers are here cuz of #30daysofpixels. Main idea was to draw pixel stuff with your themes in 30 days. The hardest part of this project was that I absolutely didn't know how to do it right and pixels were always something impossible for me. Honestly I failed my challenge and instead of a month I drew since march till october. However in the process I got so excited and fell in love with pixels, so much that I started to make pixel dailies stuff, personal projects and freelance. For my wonder, my skills leveled up so very much. Besides of skill and new direction in my art, I gained a lot of cool friends. Most of them not only became my "brothers in pixels", but also my very good friends.
I would like to say thanks to my friends, who helped and supported me this year. Also big thank to all artists, who helped me, gave me tips, inspired me and kick my ass for my mistakes haha :D Also thank to you my followers! I appreciate your support a lot. It helps me to be a better with every day :P
I made a collage with all pics for #30daysofpixels. Hope you'll like it!
Here is a link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/31195777/Arcade-Hero-2015
Happy holidays guys! Stay tuned :P See ya next year.

Posted by ArcadeHero - October 1st, 2015

Hello Newgrounds :)
Here is my latest project!
I designed this promo for my composer friend :3
Hope you'll enjoy it guys and yeah... If you need HQ Chiptune music stuff - hire this guy ;)


Thank you so much for support and attention :)
See ya :D


Posted by ArcadeHero - March 15th, 2015

Hi Newgrounds!
I have a creative block and I become extremly lazy.
So I need your help, folks!
I'm going to post a new pixel image per day for a month.To make this task even more difficult I 
ask you to give themes for images.It can be anything! For example: "Giant satanic god-pig-bull with tentacles".
The goal of the challenge: improve my drawing skill.
I'll choose best of your suggestions, make a plan and start posting.
Thank you for your attention!


Posted by ArcadeHero - January 11th, 2015

Here we go…
Hey newgrounds I’m a graphic artist/animator and a game designer.
Also I’m co-founder of “Deer Intelligence”(It’s my studio, where I work right now)
So… This is gonna be my blog/gallery. I want to share my stuff with u guys.
I will post here:

  • Illustrations
  • Animations
  • Trailers of my games or games where I worked
  • Speed drawing videos
  • Some secrets of animations and gamedev

If you find me interesting - you can follow me here or here:

Thanks for attention :) Love u all <3

P.S. New game on the way ;D

Posted by ArcadeHero - July 6th, 2014

Sup guys! Yep, today is my 21th birthday!

I'm not really happy cuz time gone fast and when you'll getting older - you have more problems and serious goals.
But In fact I'm really happy and proud cuz I found myself here. This portal changed my life.
I did a huge work for these years. And I'm happy(again) cuz I can share my stuff with you guys. I have a lot of goals for this year, bros.

Ok, intro passed. It's time to tell about my upcoming projects and goals.

I worked a lot on pixel art this year. After the success of "Keep an Eye" -
I started work on another project called "Endless Glitch".
Endless Glitch is a runner game in sci-fi/cyberpunk style with pixel graphics.
Game will able to play at Autumn 2014
You can check a piece of testing lasers here: 


(It's old version, but it shows my pixels skill lol)

Next project - RocketUp!
This is an "avoiding game" for android os. It's not my project, but I worked here as artist/animator. You can check it here(free): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.akworld.rocketup

Next project - "Listeria wars".
This is my friend's tower-defence project about bacterias.
I did a couple of illustrations for the credits and endings.
Btw I uploaded one of them in my profile. You can check it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/arcadehero/hamburger
Game will able to play at Summer-Autumn 2014

And finally my favourite project - "Zuzu the Elf & The Box of Banishment"
This is my good friend's project. It's game by Danny Lesco and DimLight(I worked with this guy on "Keep An Eye")
I helped guys with some advices and acrobatic movements. Also I did a bonus "pixel" level (like warp-zone in SMB).  I hope that you enjoy their game ;)
You can check awesome trailer here:


Game will able to play at Summer-Autumn 2014



My main goal: complete these projects and share them with you guys!
Thanks a lot for attention. Have a good day, bros!

Posted by ArcadeHero - March 28th, 2014

Hey guys!

Finally! I got NG stuff from store.


I'm really happy. Great T-Shirt with my fav game.(I was also pleased with the presence of Newgrounds logo on the back side.
Great quality of poster's paper.
Very big stickers.(I thought they would have less size)
And I fell in love with the comics. "1976" have a great plot and fantastic dark-noir style art. It's a pity that the author did not finish the story :(
But... Come on. It's not a problem. Thanks for great work @deadspread83!
Thanks all who created this stuff.

It's time to talk about my upcoming projects.

I've been resting so fucking long.
I think it is time to fix it.
Lately I've been working on my own site. ( This is my old dream ) .
"Keep an eye" scored 500.000 gameplays over the internet. I am grateful to all those who spoke well of our first game as well as to who criticize and who make suggestions.
Now we are developing a new game . This project will be very different from the "Keep An Eye". I'll make graphics in Pixel Art style.
I hope that I can please you with a screenshot soon.

I don't know release date - all may be delayed. But I can say that there will be a beta-test and if you're interested - you can participate if you want. From myself I will say that: it would be pure indie game in an unusual setting :)


My good friend MisterHerbal
in troubles right now :( It's very sad for me.
If you enjoyed his stuff please support him. It means a lot for me too, cuz he is a very talanted person.
And I think he deserves the money cuz he making awesome stuff.


Thank you for your attention! I wish you all good and stay positive :)


Posted by ArcadeHero - March 11th, 2014

Yeeeeah! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!


Thanks for Frontpaged! :) We hope you like our game :) If you haven't played - please check it. Your opinion is very important for us! -Your "Keep An Eye" dev team <3

Posted by ArcadeHero - March 11th, 2014

Hey Newgrounds! We finally did it.


Yay! I'm so happy right now. It's a long way. So... Game avaible here.

Free to comment, critic and etc. Your feedback is very important for us. We want to do a good games :)

Have fun :D


Posted by ArcadeHero - March 6th, 2014

Hello Newgrounds! 

Finally, I went back to making more stuff. Lol.  This year, I try to make a bunch of things.  I know I'm already talking about this earlier in my "return after a silence" posts. But now I'm ready to work hard.  I'll try not to fuck up my fans and friends here.  I am happy to report that my friend "Dimlight" and me - created our first game. 

It will avaible here on Tuesday. 

It will be something like physics-based arcade game. Of course I'm not 100% satisfied with it, but I hope that you will enjoy our game.   That old trailer:


So I finally bought supporter badge and a couple of things from the store (I can't wait for them to arrive :3)  Announcements and news will be frequent :)

Love you all.

-Arcade Hero