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New artwork ;)

5/5/13 by ArcadeHero

Feel free to review :) hope you enjoy it!

New artwork ;)


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As always, I simply like your style :) May I ask, what inspired you to this artwork? Do you read "Odysseus"? Or did it just come to your mind to draw a cyclops?!

Looks like I'd have stumbled upon this work anyway. :) Left a review.

5/7/13 ArcadeHero responds:

Thank you my friend :)

I'm not a scouted artist here, but I did recommend you to be scouted! Your work would be awesome in the Art Portal!

5/5/13 ArcadeHero responds:

Thank you so much man!



:3 LOL ! Very Good !

5/5/13 ArcadeHero responds:

Thank you again xD
I glad if you enjoyed it :)