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Breaking News! Weed is legal at now :D

2013-04-24 15:24:28 by ArcadeHero

Hah. Okay this is a plot...
Plot of my new cartoon.
Today I finally done it.
Hope you enjoy this!

Breaking News! Weed is legal at now :D


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2013-04-25 13:57:54

Bet it's going to get high scores. :P

ArcadeHero responds:

Nope :(
uhhh -_-


2013-04-25 03:04:11

Damn. You tricked me.

ArcadeHero responds:

:( Sorry


2013-04-24 15:44:56

Weed has always been legal here.

ArcadeHero responds:

yep :D I noticed it :)
<3 newgrounds


2013-04-24 15:44:25

So weed becomes legal. K.

Is that Nyan Cat on drugs? Maybe he should be renamed MarjuNYANa Cat.

ArcadeHero responds:

Hah :))
It's only part of the characters on drugs :)