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New pics...

4/5/13 by ArcadeHero
Updated 4/5/13

New artworks:

I hope you like it.


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I agree, pretty damned creepy. "The Meet" ... I like that one.

4/7/13 ArcadeHero responds:

Thank you!
Now I focus on creepy art and cartoons, cuz I really enjoy it :)

You didn't? The O_o might've been added for exaggerative effect though.

Now I feel compelled to right a review and elaborate on the creepiness...

4/6/13 ArcadeHero responds:

Perfect! I am glad that it has caused just such emotions :)
It's my goal.

Creepy O_o

4/6/13 ArcadeHero responds:

You really found it creepy?



Come to daddy... Sounds pedoish.

4/5/13 ArcadeHero responds:

Lol :D
Just i listened track by Aphex Twin "Come to Daddy".