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2013-02-03 12:47:45 by ArcadeHero

Hmm. Pretty funny.
I was removed from the art portal thanks to this image:

Because people believe it is racism. It's not freaking fair.
I'm not racist and my artwork isn't racism.
It's all in the movie.

No freedom of expression.
But porn content and violence that hangs and everything nice to relate to this.


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2013-02-04 01:40:42

Actually, it looks like rhys510 was unscouted. So that means anyone he scouted got unscouted too. So it probably wasn't anything you did. Just keep posting new stuff and I'm sure someone else will scout you. Just be sure to check THEIR stuff before you accept so it doesn't happen again ;)

Good luck!)

ArcadeHero responds:

Thanks, dude!)


2013-02-03 14:24:14

The art? Or this post? You could change the link to: v/django-unchained-fan-art?context=ratings:etm .user:4475380.scouted:.offset:1

As for the art, IDK, it's up to you. You know you can mark which art stays in your profile and which is made a candidate for the portal though, right? Anything that you're not sure about, just keep that in your profile, there won't be any trouble that way.

ArcadeHero responds:

Thanks for advices!
You help me a lot :)
You're my guide on newgrounds!


2013-02-03 13:20:38

At least they didn't remove it. If it really broke the rules they would've done that, but without any ties I can see how they judged that image at least, maybe the forum will generate some response. Btw, the link doesn't work now that it's no longer in the portal.

ArcadeHero responds:

:/ Maybe delete this?